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We're talking, of course, about prostitutes, who've certainly have come a long way from those dark and shady nights along Miracle Mile.

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They would be stopping cars The site makes no qualms describing itself as adult entertainment, but never do we see a posted price or list of services. It's a much more organized kind of prostitution, he says, where groups of women travel from city to city, state to state, advertising their services online. They use pre-paid Visa cards.

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They're staying at the Double Tree, they're staying at the Sheratons now. They're very organized," Kidd says. Captain Kidd says several local men have been robbed, beaten or extorted for more money after meeting in the hotel room.

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Good news is, TPD has already busted several of the organized rings that bring this sort of thuggery to our community. A Columbia professor recently reported 61 percent of prostitutes solicit their services on Craigslist, with Facebook not far behind.

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Copyright Tucson News Now. All rights reserved. Sexposed: Online prostitutes converging on Tucson.


Som Lisaius reports. Every metropolitan area in the country has prostitutes.


For so many years here in Southern Arizona that meant one thing. The red-light district also known as Miracle Mile.

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One that tens of thousands of people log on to every day. You can see for yourself at Back.

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Instead, it re more like the personal in the back of Tucson Weekly. Over the last three years, Kidd says call girls have absolutely flocked to the internet. They're headed to some of the nicest places in town.

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So organized, some even bring enforcers along with them. And that's where things can get pretty ugly for the unsuspecting john. In some cases, they don't even get the sex they're looking for.

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But the problem isn't going away. For every pimp or prostitute taken off the streets, dozens more are eager to take their place. TPD simply doesn't have the resources to go after every case.

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But they want the public to know what's going on. And they want people to think twice before soliciting sexual services through Back.

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We need to point out that Back certainly isn't the only site where sex is advertised. Bottom line is, as long as there's a demand for sex -- there will always be prostitutes.

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Just know you might be getting more than what you bargained for if you solicit one online.

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